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Lusso Tan - Sunless Tanning Mist Brush
Lusso Tan

Lusso Tan - Sunless Tanning Mist Brush

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Our Sunless Tanning Mist Brush for face and body is the perfect partner in crime for Lusso tanning mist—as well as your favourite shimmers. Say goodbye to streaks and blunders; this brush will ensure an even application and optimal absorption every time.


  • Ensure skin is dry and clean
  • Spray tanning mist directly onto the brush.
  • Use long, sweeping motions over the face and hands.
  • Blend carefully across the neck, ears, and hairline.
  • Allow tanning mist to dry before applying makeup.
  • Leave overnight for best results.
  • Repeat process every other evening or as desired.
  • Rinse brush with warm water between applications.
  • The brush can also be used with creams, liquids, powders, and shimmers.

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