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Designed for the more sensitive areas, Lycon Hot Wax uses a barrier oil preventing the wax from being in direct contact with the skin whilst at the same time gripping hair (as short as 1-2mm) right at the root without tugging on the skin. This results in a less painful experience with little or no redness afterwards.

Lip,Chin or Brows £10.50
Duo Wax (£8.50 each area) £17.00
Trio Wax (£8 each area) £24.00
Nose Wax £10.50
Sides of Face £10.50
Full Face (including brows) £30.00
Bikini £17.25
Add Bikini to any leg wax £13.75
High Bikini £22.00
Add High Bikini to any leg wax £18.50
Brazilian (strip - lip off) £32.50
Add Brazilian to any leg wax £21.00
Hollywood (all off) £36.00
Add Hollywood to any leg wax  £24.50
Underarm £17.00
Add underarm to any leg wax £12.25
Please note we do not offer intimate waxing for males
Why put up with painful waxing when we can remove your hair permanently?  Ask for details of our IPL Permanent Hair Removal Treatment.  We have been specialists in this area for over 18 years.

Using the only hygienic and advanced method of waxing from PHD, your skin will look and stay silky smooth for weeks at a time. We use disposable heads for each individual client to guarantee you zero cross contamination.  Please let reception know if you are allergic to elastoplast when making your booking!

Bikini, Underarm or Stomach £14.00
High Bikini £18.50
Abtrail £12.90
Forearm £15.00
Full Arm £22.00
Lower or Upper Leg £22.00
Three Quarter Leg £29.00
Full Leg (includes basic bikini line) £36.00
Add the following to any leg wax:
Add Bikini or Underarms £9.00
Add Bikini and Underarms (£8.50 each area) £17.00
Add High Bikini £13.50
Add High Bikini and Underarms (£10.75 each area) £21.50
Chest or Back £22.50
Chest and Back £35.00
Chest, Back and Stomach £41.00