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Environ  electro-sonic Essential & Cool Peel Treatment Contra-Indications

We would kindly ask you to read the following contra-indications before you consider booking yourself in for a consultation for an Environ electro-sonic Essential Treatment or Environ Cool Peel Treatment to avoid disappointment.  



1. Herpes simplex

2.Unexplained inflammation or swelling

3. Pacemaker

4. Pregnancy


6. Multiple Sclerosis


1. Sinusitis

2. Excess metallic fillings, metal plates or pins

3. Anaesthesia in treatment area

4. Highly nervous client

5. Sunburn or irritated skin

6. Open cuts and abrasions

7. Botox - 2 weeks post

We advise a GP note before commencing treatment 

1. Cardio vascular disease e.g agina or arrhythmia

2. Clients receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy

3. Circulatory disorder/high or low blood pressure

4. History of thrombosis or embolism

5. Epilepsy

6. Diabetes