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There are hundreds of Vitamin C products available on the market today, all of which promise significant brightening results – but many don’t deliver. Why? Because not all Vitamin C is created equal.

Don’t be misled to think that high percentages of Vitamin C equal a more effective product. The brightening efficacy of a Vitamin C formula isn't all about the quantity. There are two main factors that make Vitamin C products effective: the Vitamin C needs to be highly stable - so that it remains active and efficient, and it needs to be bioavailable - able to get into the skin and work where it’s needed.

Stability: This is Vitamin C’s most well-known shortfall. Traditional forms of Vitamin C are easily oxidized upon exposure to air, heat or water – which can cause the formula to lose its antioxidant power, thus degrading the product's efficacy. You may notice your product turn brown or smell off, this is a sign the Vitamin C is oxidising and losing its power.

Bioavailability: This is also a significant challenge: for Vitamin C to help neutralize free radicals, firm and brighten, it must get to where it’s needed in the skin. If topical Vitamin C products aren't optimized so that the Vitamin C is bioavailable and remains stable, they will produce little to no benefit for the skin.

Dermalogica’s supercharged BioLumin-C formulas are unique, but each one uses our ultra-stable Vitamin C complex to deliver the full power of Vitamin C exactly where it’s needed most for ultimate results. We’ve created formulas that are extremely stable and highly bioavailable delivering outstanding brightening, firming, and smoothing results. In fact, our clinical studies showed our Vitamin C formulas deliver 3 x more brightening than the leading competitor.