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Timothy Hart MAcuC 

A qualified Acupuncturist and Acupressure massage therapist, I hold diploma’s in both disciplines at Distinction level. I am also qualified in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

With over ten years of clinical experience including working at the Chelsea Football club gym and spa, I also ran my own clinic in central London for five years before moving to Essex. 

I am also a writer and love the combination of my two passion's, writing stories about life and helping people heal themselves to enjoy life more.

My Clinics are run on a:-

  • Tuesday              12 noon    -  7.00 pm
  • Wednesday         11.00 am  -  5.00 pm
  • Fridays                10.00 am  -  3.00 pm
Taster Sessions available during July and August
Cosmetic Face Acupuncture and Massage 
30 mins @ £25 (redeemable against a course of 8 sessions)




Cosmetic Face Acupuncture and Acupressure Massage
This increases the blood and energy flow to the face reducing the signs of ageing. I combine it with dietary recommendations to reduce inflammation and enhance skin texture through diet. This is a sophisticated holistic approach to improving radiance and sparkle to the face and eyes. It can also help reduce wrinkles.

Treatments are offered in either:-

60 minute simple format @ £80 or
90 minute advanced format @ £110

A course of eight sessions is recommended as a minimum treatment. 

Anxiety and Stress Relief
Combining auricular and regular acupuncture with massage to give a holistic approach to improving these conditions which can also benefit sleep, digestion and other related disorders.

Treatments are designed for 75 mins @ £80

Individual sessions or courses of six sessions are recommended.

Musculoskeletal Conditions
Again combining acupuncture and Chinese medical massage (Tui Na) for best results. Treatments can help with pain associated with chronic and acute conditions including from sports and other injuries. 

Treatments are 60 mins @ £60

Three sessions is recommended as a minimum depending on the condition.