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30 minutes to brighter skin

Every day, natural and environmental triggers like UV damage and pollution can affect skin from inside and out, resulting in dullness, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Up to 90% of clients say that their pigmentation challenges impact their confidence - so it's no surprise that people struggling to fade dark spots often turn to professional treatments in an attempt to speed up the process. 


Skin needs help to fight back against uneven pigmentation. Many conventional solutions for dark spots miss the mark though; harsh ingredients, negligible results and a lack of treatment room flexibility can all make it difficult to achieve results.


Pro - Bright skin treatment changes that. Utilising advanced dark spot fading ingredients, it starts working right away to fade the appearance of uneven skin tone - and works synergistically with you at- home regimen to deliver amplified results.


How does Pro - Bright work?

The all new Pro - Bright is a high intensity three step treatment combining Vitamin C with powerful Niacinamide and Hexylresorcinol addressing uneven skin tone for brighter, smoother skin.

Step 1: UltraBright Peel's high concentration of Lactic Acid brightens the skin as it delivers deep exfoliation. This step removes dead skin cells that might be charged with melanin, allowing fresh, bright cells to come to the surface.

Step 2: PowerBright IonActive Serum uses potent ingredients to reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone, and microcurrent increases micro stimulation and enhances product penetration.

Step 3: Cooling Contour Masque locks the serum into the skin, providing a unique experience as it cocoons the face and is removed like a rubber sheet. Then, BioLumin-C Pro Serum is applied to deliver antioxidant protection and continued brightening.